Holland Marsh

Date Flown / Processed 2014/2015
Area Covered 28.16 km2 | 6,958 acres
Number of images 4322
Average Resolution(per pixel) 4.11 cm | 1.61 in
Georeferencing mean error <= 2 cm

The scope of this project included the collection and processing of topographical data for the Holland Marsh river and man-made drainage canal system for surveying/engineering purposes.

  • 4 cm/pixel resolution orthomosaic
  • High and low density point clouds ± 2 cm accuracy
  • Contours / Profiles
  • Online Viewer Access

The river portion of the project is 17 km long and about 10m to over 50m in width. The canal is 28.50 km long and ranges from 20m to 35m in width. The data collected covered the width of the river and canal plus a buffer of 100 metres on both sides. A large number of control points were collected to yield survey quality accuracy required for the engineering work.


The Holland Marsh is an agricultural area in Ontario about 50 km north of Toronto and stretches from the Oak Ridges Moraine to Cook's Bay at Lake Simcoe. It covers an area of about 21,000 acres in its entirety and is considered part of the most valuable agricultural land in Ontario that generates over $50 million worth of produce per year.

The fertile muck soil found in the farms of the Holland Marsh was originally under swampland that was drained to expose the fertile grounds for farming. Today, the canals and dykes that were constructed as part of the Holland Marsh Drainage Scheme over a hundred years ago requires constant management, monitoring and maintenance to protect the land from flooding, erosion and environmental issues.

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