GIS Services

Building on our expertise in Building on our expertise geomatics as well as a dedicated and experienced GIS staff, Bosys Technologies offers a comprehensive...

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Data Services

Whether it is a few acres or thousands of acres, Bosys Technologies has advanced remote sensing capabilities and the resources to collect and process imagery...

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Apps Services

Bosys designs, develops, hosts and supports custom GIS software and tools. Our products are being used by clients to publish and manipulate spatial data using...

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Remote Sensing
Description The Cathedral of the Transfiguration
Date 06 August 2015
Photographer Vik Pahwa
License Licensed to Bosys Technologies Inc.

Description The Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Markham, Ontario, Canada.
Date 12 August 2009
Source flickr
Author Sorin Nechita
License Creative Commons

Description home-icon
Date 23 April 2013
Author Timothy Miller
License Creative Commons

Description Mine wagon icon
Date Unknown
Source game-icons-net
License Creative Commons

Description A colored Emoji from Noto project, released under Apache license
Date 19 August 2014
Author Google
License Apache License 2.0

Description Satellite icon for Featured Pictures
Date 5 August 2014
Author Maxx12
License Creative Commons

Description GIS
Date Unknown
Source The Noun Project
Author Iconathon
License Public Domain Dedication

Description Contact-Us
Date 30 March 2013
Source flickr
Author Paladin Zhang
License Creative Commons

Description A detailed Robinson projection SVG map
Date 12 November 2006
Source Wikimedia Commons
Author Canuckguy (talk) and many others
License Public Domain