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Advanced 3D products from imagery

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Geospatial Services

The staff at Bosys Technologies has spearheaded and successfully completed numerous Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and web mapping projects on a number of GIS platforms for the public and private sectors in Canada and around the world.

Remote Sensing

Bosys Technologies utilizes advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to collect and process high-resolution, actionable and on-demand aerial imagery that is economical and ready-to-use in most geographical and mapping environments.

Application Development

With a strong focus on productivity, Bosys Technologies develops custom desktop and browser-based GIS applications and tools that combine spatial data and visualization to target specific business needs.

Holland Marsh

Bosys collected and processed topographical data for an area covering over 28km2 of the Holland Marsh. Considered to contain some of the most valuable farm land in Ontario, the Holland Marsh project required over 4,300 high resolution images to capture and process to produce accurate 3D products used for surveying and engineering purposes.


A 200 acre European-inspired town located in Markham, Ontario and home to an estimated population of 3,000. While still under consrtuction, Bosys collected high resolution imagery and generated topographical information; point clouds, contours, DSMs and DTMs that were used for various purposes including environmental assessments and urban planning.

Gravel & Stone Pit

Utilizing Bosys for generating up-to-date information about mining operations, gravel and stone pits or other cut-and-fill operations is cost-effective, efficient, faster and more accurate compared to traditional surveying methods. We produce accurate calculations for volumes of materials, stockpiles and are able to monitor operation areas using UAV technology.

Description The Cathedral of the Transfiguration
Date 06 August 2015
Source Vikpahwa.com
Photographer Vik Pahwa
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Date 12 August 2009
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